Progest System

Try our new application version Béta:

it's a Simple application to manage a project ,  create modules, Tasks, affect ressources.. 

url : Login : user Password: user

there is some functionnlity not available. 
it's will be available in the next version soon 
Thanks for your comments. 

PropretyBag with JavaScript in SharePoint 2013

as we know, Property bag are very important in SharePoint development, and to get it with JavaScript is very simple :

//wait until client object model dependencies are loaded before executing our code ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(getWebProperties, "sp.js"); varwebProperties;

[City] Version Béta by Fiks It

Version 1.0 ( just for test)  Game developed by: Firas KSONTINI & Aziz Gassara Download Game 
Thanks for your Support

My first experience with SharePoint 2016 on premise

Today i will share with you my Experience with SharePoint 2016 on premise. I installed this farm on my Personnel machine. Just for testing with 6 RAM memory and 80 GB Hard disk, and also 2 processors. Ha-ha
The Top Bar:
As we see a new sexy black top bar. Same as Office 365.
New option MINROLE:
 Convert Server role in this farm, is a new option that’s allows us to change the role of each server simply.

Information policy
A new section in the security scope that helps us to configure IRM ;)