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Developer Dashbord SharePoint PowerShell

Developer Dashbord
$cs = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService
$dash= $cs.DeveloperDashboardSettings
$dash.DisplayLevel="Off" // Ondemand to activate

PropretyBag with JavaScript in SharePoint 2013

as we know, Property bag are very important in SharePoint development, and to get it with JavaScript is very simple :

//wait until client object model dependencies are loaded before executing our code ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(getWebProperties, "sp.js"); varwebProperties;

My first experience with SharePoint 2016 on premise

Today i will share with you my Experience with SharePoint 2016 on premise. I installed this farm on my Personnel machine. Just for testing with 6 RAM memory and 80 GB Hard disk, and also 2 processors. Ha-ha
The Top Bar:
As we see a new sexy black top bar. Same as Office 365.
New option MINROLE:
 Convert Server role in this farm, is a new option that’s allows us to change the role of each server simply.

Information policy
A new section in the security scope that helps us to configure IRM ;)

SharePoint XSN provisionning with WSP

it's not very simple to package a form xsn in the wsp solution, specialy if you want to do a provisionning.

You probably tried to use something like: 1<elements xmlns="">
2<module name="DefaultForms" rootwebonly="FALSE" url="Lists/Forms">
3<file path="DefaultForms\TestForm.xsn" type="GhostableInLibrary" url="TestForm.xsn"/>
But if you just put the XSN files in a module and deploy it to a Form-library like this, or just upload the xsn file to the library, the Info Path form will not be able to render (error: form is not browser enabled).
What you have to do to fix this is adding some extra properties:  1<elements xmlns="">
 4       rootwebonly="FALSE"
 5       url="Lists/Forms">