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Activate / Deactivate Feature with PowerShell on all site collections of the webapp


When we do some change on the solution  specially on the branding  for exmple ( display teamplate),we should update also existing sites collection and replace old files with new one after the deployment. So this powershell Script with do this on the all farm. $feature = Get-SPFeature -Identity "ID OF THE FEATURE" $siteCollections = Get-SPSite –WebApplication $webhubUrl -Limit ALL $siteCollections | foreach-object {    Write-Host "Deactivating" $feature.DisplayName "on" $_.Url -foregroundcolor yellow    Disable-SPFeature $feature -Url $_.Url -confirm:$false
} $siteCollections | foreach-object {    Write-Host "Activating" $feature.DisplayName "on" $_.Url -foregroundcolor green    Enable-SPFeature $feature -Url $_.Url