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Monday, 27 March 2017

Progest System

Try our new application version B├ęta:

it's a Simple application to manage a project , 
create modules, Tasks, affect ressources.. 

Login : user
Password: user

there is some functionnlity not available. 

it's will be available in the next version soon 

Thanks for your comments. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Build a RESTtful Application using C#

Hello Everyone,

we will build a Restful application with C#,
First of all , we should have :
-Visual Studio
-A WebBrowser

-Create a new solution with C#
-Create a new Library project and create an Interface.

[ServiceContract(Name = "RESTDemoServices")] // specifiy the name of the services in this WS ...
[WebGet(UriTemplate = Routing.GetClientRoute, // the root BodyStyle = WebMessageBodyStyle.Bare // the body style ( encapsulate) ,RequestFormat =WebMessageFormat.Json) // output type JSON ]
-create a new Rooting class :
public static class Routing
public const string GetClientRoute = "/Client/{id}";
public const string HelloWorld = "/hello/{value}";
this class specify roots in the app : localhost:8000/DEMOService/hello/7ouma
-create a new class :
implement the methods :D

-create a Console project and in Program.cs

Execute and test the methods in browser :
http://localhost:8000/DEMOService/hello/[your text]

Thanks and Share.

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