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My first experience with SharePoint 2016 on premise

Today i will share with you my Experience with SharePoint 2016 on premise. I installed this farm on my Personnel machine. Just for testing with 6 RAM memory and 80 GB Hard disk, and also 2 processors. Ha-ha
The Top Bar:
As we see a new sexy black top bar. Same as Office 365.
New option MINROLE:
 Convert Server role in this farm, is a new option that’s allows us to change the role of each server simply.

Information policy
A new section in the security scope that helps us to configure IRM ;)

SharePoint Framework / NodeJS ( setup envoriment)

Hello SharePointiens,

i will show you how we configure our workspace to work with Sharepoint Framework:
Tools :
NodeJS server.
Visual Studio Code.

Open cmder :
mkdir workspace
cd workspace
mkdir SPFramework
cd SPFramework
mkdir HelloWorld
cd HelloWorld

now we should install yoman :
# install yo & gulp

npm install yo gulp # install Sharepoint generator npm install --global @microsoft/sharepoint-generator # create a new project yo @microsoft/sharepoint

SharePoint 2013 Base Types , List Template & Definitions Id, CT id

list of the IDs of the most common Base Types, List Definitions and Content Types. Especially useful if you’re writing CAML definitions of Lists, List Instances, or Content Types. Here are the lists I’ve gleaned from MSDN.
Base Types These Base Types come from the SPBaseType enumeration. Base TypeIDCustom List0Document Library1Not used2Obsolete. Use 0 for discussion boards.3Surveys4Issues List5
List Definitions These List Definitions come from the SPListTemplateType enumeration.